• Very high efficiency

    Digestion with high temperature and separate hydrolysis

  • Very reliable

    More than 25 years in methanisation

  • Compact installations

    Our installations occupy relatively little space

  • Quick costs recovering

    The investment costs of the installations are quickly recoverable

Welcome to Biogas Engineers B.V. !

Biogas Engineers develops and delivers biogas installations, based on classical and modern industrial concepts for agriculture and industry as well as for “liquid” as for “dry” methanisation.

Our biogas installations

  • Very high efficiency
  • Very Reliable
  • Recovering investment costs quickly
  • Compact installations
  • Allowing the measurement of personal contribution

Our Services

  • Biogas installations for agricultural applications
  • Biogas installations for industrial applications
  • Development of advisory recommendations
  • Innovation and development of new applications for biogas residue

Biogas Engineers for

  • Turn-key installations
  • Partial solutions


We also offer

  • Education and assistance in managing your installation properly
  • The ability to control your installation anywhere in the world via the internet
  • Optional online subscription to a database
  • Substrate composition advice
  • Licensure management